Men's Combat Marlin Lifestyle Shirt (LS) - Arctic Blue

  • $ 39.99

****PRE-ORDER SALE. SHIRT TO SHIP BY 01/20/2018****


 The UPF+50 Lifestyle Shirt is an ultra lightweight and breathable fishing shirt made from high quality performance polyester material and features the Reel Life Combat Fishing Gear Marlin design by artist Jeff Anderson. Developed with the angler in mind, the Reel Life UPF+50 Performance Shirt is packed with technologies to combat the harmful effects of UV rays, while keeping the angler cool and dry. 

1. UPF+50 UV PROTECTION: Helps to reduce the damaging effects of UV rays on the skin.
2. Moisture Wicking: Wicks sweat away from the body to keep the angler cool and dry.
3. Antimicrobial: Helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.
4. Stain Resistant: Prevents stains from setting while the angler keeps fishing.
5. Lightweight/breathabke: Allows the angler to stay protected, even on a hot day.
6. Tagless: No more itchy necks.