The Coastal Performance Line

There's something comforting about certain shirts. You know, the one you can always count on to elevate your mood. The one your eye immediately goes to and feels sorta like a good friend. The shirt that slips on like a second skin and feels more comfortable each time you wear it.
Our Coastal Performance are those shirts. Incredibly comfortable shirts that feel like you've been wearing them for years. Besides that, they are quick-dry and UPF 30+, blocking out 96% of the sun's harmful rays. If that weren't enough, they're also eco-friendly.
Made from recycled polyester fabric that feels like super soft cotton, just one shirt uses seven plastic bottles to make – that's seven bottles that could have wound up in landfills or our oceans! And, like you, Reel Life is all about preserving our oceans.
It's a win for the planet and a win for you. Say hello to your next favorite shirt.


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