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What Not to Forget for a Day of Fly Fishing

The Gear to Ensure a Good Day of Fly Fishing

There's nothing in the world like sitting in a boat or standing knee-deep in a riffle, rod and reel in your hand, the sun on your back. Surrounded by nature in all its grandeur, the world is reduced to nothing but you and that fly drifting into a pool, or the strike indicator starting to dip. Even if you don't get so much as a nibble, a day of fly fishing is pretty much guaranteed to be a day well-spent. Particularly if you're traveling a long way to your favorite spot, ensuring that the day goes well means getting prepared. That includes not only having the right flies and enough leader, but having the right fishing shirts, and remembering the sunscreen as well.

Outerwear Such as Jackets and Hoodies

There are no guarantees about the weather, regardless of what the forecast says. Always at least bring a waterproof jacket in case it rains and a hoodie for an extra layer. It's always wise to have a dry bag with you for anything you don't want to risk getting wet, like your phone and food. Your waterproof or water-resistant outerwear can be kept in the dry bag just in case. 

Specialized Fishing Shirts

Look into clothing made specifically for fishing. Check out high-performance shirts for fishing, for instance. The kind of fishing apparel you're looking for should be made from high-grade polyester to keep you protected from the sun while remaining light and breathable enough to allow air through and keep you cool. The gear you want should also be antimicrobial, to reduce odor, and stain-resistant. Those are both assets when fishing.

Sun and Water Protection

In addition to clothing that provides coverage, be sure to remain fully protected from the sun and water while you're fishing. High-performance fishing shirts should be moisture-wicking to keep you dry, but take a pair of thigh or chest waders if you're going to be in the water. For full sun protection, pack and regularly apply sunscreen. Every angler should own a fishing hat for shade; even a high-quality baseball cap will work. Likewise, every angler should own a pair of polarized sunglasses.

A Variety of Fishing Tools

The specific flies and other tackle you'll need for a fly fishing trip are far too varied to cover and depends entirely on where you're fishing, when, and what you're fishing for. There is some gear that is going to be helpful to have on hand in pretty much any fly fishing scenario. Of course, you'll want a rod, reel, flies, fly line, and leader. Invest in a portable net with an elastic loop that can be kept secured to you. Bring forceps or a hemostat for crimping and removing hooks and a line nipper.

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