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Tips for Staying Dry While Fishing or Boating

5 Gear Suggestion to Keep You Dry When You're On the Water

Just because you're on the water doesn't mean you should be soaked. If you're fishing or boating and plan to be out all day it's important to stay dry. Wet clothes are often uncomfortable and can chafe. The key to staying dry and comfortable on the water can be found in the right gear. Picking up the right fishing shirt for men or water-resistant outerwear can make all the difference.

Water-Resistant Outerwear

Among the best ways to keep dry on the water, particularly if you expect rain, is to wear water-resistant outerwear. A high-quality, hooded, wind- and water-resistant raincoat will help keep the elements at bay. Find water-resistant outerwear with an adjustable hood, cuffs, and waist, and with a storm plaquette for added protection.

Performance Fishing Shirts

Rain gear is primarily for keeping outside moisture away. Sweat is another story. Anyone who fishes, boats, or otherwise enjoys their time on the water should own high-performance long sleeve fishing shirts. High-performance, professional-grade fishing shirts should be fabricated from specialized quick-drying polyester that optimizes moisture-wicking. So whether the moisture you're looking to avoid is from an external or internal source, moisture-wicking and quick-drying fishing shirts will get you dry again faster.

Fishing Pants or Shorts

High-quality fishing pants and shorts are an excellent choice to keep you drier for the same reason high-performance fishing shirts are. The fishing pants and shorts you want should be made from a high-performance fabric that's quick-drying, lightweight, and comfortable. These are going to be more water-repellant and definitely quicker-drying than fabrics like denim or wool.

Padded and Latex Gloves

Particularly in cold weather, perpetually wet hands can be uncomfortable and annoying when fishing or boating. Waterproof gloves will work in some situations, but they're usually not an option for anyone who needs that digital dexterity, like anglers. That's when having a few pairs of disposable latex or nitrile gloves on hand can really come in handy. They allow wearers to maintain finer finger use while keeping their hands dry. They can also provide a surprising amount of warmth on colder days, by themselves or under a pair of padded gloves.

Fishing Hats and Shoes

Just wearing a hat, even a well-made baseball cap, can contribute to keeping the head drier. Water running off the bill of a hat, rather than down the face, is reason enough on its own to bring a hat along. And there isn't much that's more distracting, uncomfortable, and obnoxious than spending a day squelching around in soaked shoes and socks. Instead, pick up a pair of waterproof shoes or boots and stay dry and comfortable from your feet up.

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