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Tips for a Fun and Memorable Fishing Trip with a Group

When you’re sharing your favorite pastime and fishing with a group, there’s a chance that not everyone has the same amount of experience. Some folks in your boat may even be fairly new to the sport. It’s a great opportunity to share your passion for fishing and the great outdoors by showing everyone a “reel” good time.

After all, there’s a distinct difference between passionate anglers, people who like to fish from time to time, and those who are just starting out. Anglers are the true hard-core of the fishing world. They own a collection of rods, are always geared up to fish, and keep their eyes open for deals on a good fishing shirt for men or women in their size. Because fishing is generally better with friends, it should be the goal of every angler to turn people who like to fish into anglers, and turn those fairly new to the sport into people who like to fish. The following provides a few suggestions for doing so and having a fun and memorable fishing trip no matter who’s in your boat.

Preparation and the Right Gear

A fun fishing trip starts with preparation and bringing the right equipment. It begins with rigging up your rods and checking your fishing gear long before you leave for your trip. Nothing will ruin what could have been an otherwise great fishing trip faster than the lack of something essential. That includes bringing the buns but not the burgers or otherwise neglecting to include enough food or water (or beer, be responsible), as well as not having the right clothing, or—truly catastrophically—forgetting the fishing gear.

Be sure everyone knows what they have to bring and double-check your gear and everyone else’s before leaving. Ensure everyone has a quality fishing shirt for men or women, a hat, and polarized sunglasses, as well as a flashlight, bug spray, and rain gear. Consider the elements you’ll be up against and plan for them. Check the boat, if you’re taking one. Then check it again. Whether you have experienced anglers aboard or are introducing your pastime to someone you’re sure has an angler inside them, no one wants their fishing experience to be a negative one due to the elements. Keep your crew protected with high-quality fishing shirts that will help wick away moisture and provide sun protection while being comfortable and stylish on the water.

Choosing the Right Spot

When you have the right gear and the fish are biting, it’s a darn good day on the boat. But before that comes gliding through the waters, seeking out that perfect spot to stay awhile and cast some out. The journey is part of the adventure, after all, and thanks to your preparation you’re ready for what lies ahead.

Once you’ve found your honey hole, get settled and talk about what’s right under the water that you’re hoping to have bite. Swap stories about your best catch and reminisce about some of the moments you’ve had that are what make fishing so great—like sitting on your boat right here, right now, with the lovely crew aboard.

Games and Passing the Rod

On this fishing trip, try not to take it too seriously since you’re with a group of people with varied experiences, or if you’re with family, especially with kids. Consider making a game of it instead. Bet on who cleans the boat based on who lands the next fish. Let the kids pick the lure you’re going to be using. If there’s someone there who’s never landed a fish and you hook one, consider passing the rod over. There’s not much that more effectively kindles a love of angling more than fighting and landing a fish. If possible—and allowed by the regs, of course—cook up the day’s catch for that night’s meal. Nothing makes a trip more real and more memorable for someone than eating what they caught that day.

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