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The Gear You Need to Fish All Day and Catch the Big One

Need Bragging Rights? 6 Pieces of Gear to Help You Stay Out Fishing All Day

Every friend group that lives their lives on the water has the one person who can’t help but brag about the monster fish they caught. If you are ready to win bragging rights and put your friend to shame, or at least make them owe you a strong drink, you’ll need to be able to stay out on the boat fishing all day. From a fishing shirt for men that will help you combat the sun to a good variety of lures, here is what you will need to stay out all day, land the big one, and secure bragging rights. 

A Moisture-Wicking Fishing Shirt

One of the most important items for when you are going to be out on a boat fishing all day is your shirt. Long sleeve fishing shirts are better than short sleeves if you are going to be in the sun for any amount of time. The trick to staying out all day is wearing a shirt with moisture-wicking material that is UPF-rated. You will stay cool and dry, even with spray from the waves hitting the boat. The UPF rating means it blocks the sun’s rays, with a UPF 50+ rating being the best. With UPF-rated apparel, you can go toe-to-toe with the sun and not get a sunburn.

A High-Quality Hoodie

If it’s colder or windy, you might instead want a hoodie. It’s perfect for going over your shirt until it warms up. You can also find performance hoodies that will also help you on hot days, much like the long sleeve fishing shirts but with the added benefits of a hood and pockets. Either way, you will be protected from the sun, which is one of the most critical aspects of lasting the day on the boat.

A Shady Wide-Brimmed Hat

It isn’t just your arms that need protection from the sun. Protecting your face is also essential, as is the back of your neck. You will want to have a wide-brimmed wrap-around hat available to shield yourself from the sun. Plus, if you need a breather and need to take a nap, it’s easy with a wide hat. For the real fisherman look, go with a lifeguard-style, full-brim hat made of 100% natural fibers.

A Pair of Comfortable Water-Resistant Pants

Just like the fishing shirt, you will want pants that dry quickly or are water-resistant. Finding pants that are comfortable and also have a UPF rating is a bonus and can help you ward off sunburn.

A Pair of Polarized Sunglasses

Don’t forget sunglasses. The right sunglasses let you see under the surface of the water, through the sun’s reflection, while protecting your eyes. Plus, you will look cool fishing with your friends, and that’s half the battle.

The Right Lures

What type of fish are you going after? You will want to bring the appropriate lures if you hope to catch the right type of fish. Be sure to check ahead and find out what is biting and plan accordingly. Bring a variety of lures and backups in case a fish snaps your line.

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