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The Fishing Apparel You Need for Any Weather

The Apparel You Need to Fish in Any Weather

You are going fishing on a boat and forgot to check the weather report for the morning. It was fine when you left the dock, but now clouds are rolling in, and you only have a Tshirt. Perfect for hot days, but now you wish you had a jacket. If you live your life on the water or casting fishing lines from the riverbank or lakeshore, you will want to wear clothes that suit the weather for the day. There are certain features you should look for depending on the weather that will help you stay out longer, giving you more time to catch fish. Here are some pieces of apparel and what to look for when you are fishing, depending on the weather.

Warm or Cold: Long Sleeve Shirt

Long sleeve fishing shirts can work in both hot and cold weather. In cold weather, the long sleeves will keep you warm, while in the summer, it can keep the sun off of you. You want to look for long sleeve fishing shirts that are made with moisture-wicking fabric, which will keep you cool and dry even in the summer heat. Choose a long sleeve shirt that is rated UPF 50+, and you will be protected from 98% of the sun’s rays. If the weather is going to change throughout the day, this is your best choice. 

Warm Weather: A Fishing Tshirt

Another option for when the weather warms up is the classic Tshirt. You can find fishing Tshirts for men that have all the same features as a long sleeve shirt, from moisture-wicking fabric that quickly dries to being UPF 50+. Be sure to remember to put sunscreen on your arms, as the shirt will not directly protect you, but they can be good for staying cool if you are simply casting from a dock for an hour or two.

Cold Weather: A Hooded Jacket

If it’s a cold day, but you are still heading out on a boat to catch fish, be sure to bring a jacket. You will want one that is wind- and water-resistant to keep you as dry and warm as possible. Find a jacket that has a hood but is overall breathable to keep you comfortable but protected from the elements. Going deep sea fishing? Bring one just in case.

Warm Weather: A Pair of Fishing Shorts

When you go fishing on a warm, sunny day, but you have shade from trees along a riverbank, it’s best to go with shorts. Since you will be around water, the key is to wear shorts made with quick-drying fabric. You also want shorts that have some stretch, especially if you are going to be jumping from rock to rock to find the absolute best place to cast a line. 

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