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The Essential Fishing Apparel You Need For Your Lake Cabin Trip

Bring These Fishing Apparel Essentials on Your Lake Cabin Trip

If you are planning a summer trip to a lake cabin, there are some essential fishing apparel you should bring so you can stay out longer and have more fun. Whether it's boating, fishing, or other water activities, these pieces of apparel, such as a fishing shirt for men, will keep you feeling cool and comfortable throughout your trip.

Performance Shirts to Help You Stay Out All Day

If you are going to be fishing or out on a boat all day, bring long sleeve fishing shirts that are meant to protect you from the sun. You will want to choose shirts that have moisture-wicking fabric and feature UPF 50+ UV protection, such as the shirts Reel Life™ offers. The moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool while drying quickly, keeping you comfortable while you are fishing or boating around. The UPF protection will help protect against sunburns, though you should still have sunscreen available and reapply it regularly.

Be sure to also bring Tshirts for when you are not going to stay out all day, but might still fish or be on the water for shorter periods of time. Short sleeves can keep you cool, but will not offer the same protection from the sun that long sleeves will.

Polarized Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes and See the Fish

A pair of polarized sunglasses will help protect your eyes while out on the water from the bright sun. The reflection off the water can harm your eyes and can make it hard to see. Polarized sunglasses will help reduce the glare from the surface of the water, which will also help while you are fishing. It lets you see under the surface, which means you can see the fish and where they are swimming.

Well-Made Shorts for Utility

Whether you are spending a day boating around, relaxing on the beach, or you are fishing on the lake and need the utility of multiple pockets, bring a couple of pairs of utility shorts. These will keep you cool while providing the utility you need to have a fun day out on the water. Be sure to get shorts that are made with quick-drying material, especially if you plan on being out on the water and not just on the beach. This will help you stay cool and comfortable all day long. You can also consider high-quality pants made for being on the water, which will also provide additional coverage from the sun.

Button-Down Shirts for the Evenings

Whether you want to feel classy or are looking to have a cabin-cooked meal after you finish fishing for the day and don't have time to change, a button-down that is comfortable, lightweight, and features a UPF rating will fit the bill. You can go fishing with a button-down shirt and then easily transition into a barbecue or other low-key evening festivities. The UPF rating will help keep you protected from sunburns while you are out on the water, and you certainly won't look boring. You will look good both on and off the water. 

About Reel Life™

As they're based in Florida, it's no surprise that the members of the Reel Life™ team were #RaisedOnTheWater. However, in their case, it's about the philosophy of being raised on the water, rather than where they're from. If you're someone who lives to fish, snorkel, kayak, swim, whitewater raft, dive, or just relax on a beach, you were raised on the water. Reel Life™ gear is designed for people like you. Reel Life™ apparel is made to ensure you're protected from the elements while remaining cool, comfortable, and stylish. When you need quick-drying, moisture-wicking men fishing shirts, polarized sunglasses, fishing hats, or Tshirts to kick back in, trust Reel Life™.

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