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The 4 Pieces of Apparel No Angler Should Be Without

The 4 Pieces of Apparel Every Summer Angler Should Have

If you are going out fishing this summer, there are pieces of apparel that you don’t want to leave the house without. From fishing shirts that will keep you cool and protect you from the sun’s rays, to sunglasses that cut through the glare on the surface of the water, each will help you have a better time angling.

A Long Sleeve Shirt to Keep You Cool

Finding a good fishing long sleeve shirt is highly recommended, as it can be the difference between being uncomfortable and being able to stay out on the water longer. A good long sleeve shirt for fishing should have a UPF 50+ rating, which will block 98% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. This helps you avoid sunburn, and you won’t have to worry about constantly reapplying sunscreen. You also want moisture-wicking fabric, which will dry quickly should the river splash you or you are hit with spray while in a boat. The fabric will also keep you cool on hot summer days, making the fishing experience far more enjoyable. You can stay out on the water longer, giving you plenty of chances to make the big catch of the day.

A Hoodie to Protect Your Neck

A UV-protecting hoodie with a UPF 50+ rating can help you protect your neck and body. You get all of the fun of fishing without any of the sunburns. Long sleeves protect your arms while the hood protects your head and neck. If you are on a boat, speeding around, it can be hard to wear a hat without fear of it flying off into the water. This leaves your neck exposed, and that’s where the hood comes in. Find one that is lightweight and breathable, and you will be comfortable even on hot days, especially if the fabric is moisture-wicking.

UV-Protecting Shorts

To keep cool while also protecting your legs from UV rays, get shorts that also have a UPF 50+ rating. Side zipper vents can also help keep you cool on hot summer days while giving you the freedom of motion you need while on the boat or moving between fishing spots. It’s also vital that your shorts are quick-drying, or you might have damp shorts for most of your outing.

Polarized Sunglasses to See Under the Water

Finally, polarized sunglasses serve a dual purpose. They help shade your eyes and protect from the sun’s glare, but they also help eliminate glare on the surface of the water. This means you can see into the water, giving you a much better idea of where the fish are swimming. This gives you a distinct advantage over regular sunglasses and can make your outing more enjoyable.

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