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Stay Out On the Water Longer with Reel Life™ Long Sleeve UV

When you are out angling this summer, you will want to have a fishing long sleeve shirt from Reel Life™ on to keep you cool and protected from the sun. Each shirt is packed with features anglers will find useful, and a variety of patterns means you can match a shirt to your personal style. You can also pick up one of these shirts during the Reel Life™ Long Sleeve UV Summer Sale. Here are some of the options available.

Long Sleeve UV "Many Fish Watercolor" - Real Teal

With a variety of fish in shades of dark blue, this shirt is perfect for angling on a boat, dock, or beach. The Interlock microfiber fabric is double brushed, meaning it is brushed on both sides, and that makes it super-soft. It features mechanical stretch for comfort and is perfect for fishing or other outdoor activities.

 Long Sleeve UV "Sunset Rods" - White

This white shirt features the Reel Life™ name on the front and back, and a rainbow sunset on the back with fishing rods against the colors. Like all of the fishing shirts in the Long Sleeve UV collection, the fabric is rated UPF 50+, meaning it blocks 98% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays. This helps protect you against sunburn, letting you enjoy your time outside longer and giving you more time and chances to catch the big one. 

Long Sleeve UV "Water Foam" - Angel Blue

The Long Sleeve UV fishing shirts are lightweight and breathable while still being extremely durable. They're pick-resistant, helping when trying to move along a riverbank where trees might catch your shirt. The Water Foam pattern looks like the sea with foam and white caps. 

Long Sleeve UV "Marbled Hook AOP" - Dark Grey

The grey fish scale pattern of this shirt begs to be taken out on the water. Should you get wet from spray while in a boat or next to a river, the moisture-wicking high-quality performance polyester will dry quickly while staying cool, even in the heat of the summer 

Long Sleeve UV "'Merica" - White

Red lures and white fish on a blue square form the American flag on the back of these men fishing shirts. It is snag- and stain-resistant, so you won't be wearing fish blood stains all day. Whether it's going from a barbecue to fishing off a dock or just a day out on the water in a boat, enjoying the lake and casting lines, Reel Life™ Long Sleeve UV shirts ensure you can stay out longer while being protected from sunburns and the summer heat.

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