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Stay Out on the Water All Spring Long in Reel Life™ Sun Defender Shirts

With spring in the air, the temperature is heating up. When the sun is out, you might think you would want to switch to a Tshirt for living your life on the water, but think again. Ask the Florida locals what they wear, and you’ll find it’s a fishing long sleeve shirt like one of the Sun Defender series from Reel Life™. With plenty of features to help you stay out on the water all day, you’ll be able to fish, boat, or just enjoy the beach as much as you want.

Tame the Heat

The moisture-wicking fabric used to make every Sun Defender shirt helps keep you cool on even the hottest days. Whether you are enjoying a day at the beach, throwing frisbees and cracking open cold ones, or you are off the shore trying to land a big catch, these men fishing shirts will keep you comfortable. The trick is in how fast the shirts dry, keeping you cool. Just a bit of ocean spray or surf is enough to cool you down, while the long sleeves keep the sun off of you.

Stay Dry

The moisture-wicking material helps keep you dry, as well, thanks to its quick-drying abilities. This makes the Sun Defender series perfect for heading out on a boat. Whether it’s just to ride the waves or you are casting lines, you are likely to get damp from the surf. You can stay comfortable while having a beachside barbecue or hanging out around the docks.

Protect Your Skin

Sun Defender fishing shirts also have a UPF 50+ rating. This helps protect you against 98% of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays, protecting you from sunburns. Because they are long sleeve fishing shirts, you can easily protect your arms, letting you stay out longer without fear of sunburn. You won’t have to worry about getting back to shore too soon while kayaking but can instead enjoy what nature has to offer.

Comfortable but Durable

The lightweight, breathable shirts are incredibly comfortable, thanks to the interlock microfiber fabric. They are double brushed for softness, meaning you won’t even notice the shirts while having fun. They are also highly durable, and the fabric resists picking and pulling while still having mechanical stretch. 

Ocean-Inspired Designs

Reel Life™ designs are ocean-inspired, and the Sun Defender series is no different. From sailfish to squid, lures to fish scales, each design lets everyone around you know that you live your life on the water.

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