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Reel Life™ Offers a Shirt for Every Angling Dad for Father's Day

No matter what kind of fishing situation your dad will find himself in on Father's Day, Reel Life™ offers the perfect shirt for a gift. From classy button-downs for going straight from the lake to a Father's Day dinner, to long sleeve fishing shirts for fishing during the hot, sunny days to come, Reel Life™ shirts will keep your dad cool and protected so he can have more fun and catch more fish. 

Long Sleeve UV Shirts for Long, Hot Days

The Reel Life™ Long Sleeve UV shirts, such as the "Southern Mahi" in Dress Blue, are perfect for hot days out in the sun, whether it's on Father's Day or beyond. The moisture-wicking fabric will keep your dad cool, drying him quickly from sweat or ocean spray. The fabric is rated UPF 50+, helping protect your dad against the harsh rays of the sun. Whether he is fishing on a boat, a dock, or a beach, it will help him stay out longer.

Short Sleeve UV Shirts for Fishing From the Shade

The short sleeve version of the above shirt, these are perfect for when your dad is taking an easy day of fishing in the shade. Give him a Short Sleeve UV "Watercolor Pelagic" in Cantaloupe, and he will stay cool while having fun, whether he is casting lines in a river and fly fishing or fishing from a shady shore. Like the Long Sleeve UV line, it offers UPF 50+ and moisture-wicking fabric. If you are looking for the ultimate gift in fishing Tshirts for men for your dad, you have found it with Reel Life™ Short Sleeve UV Tshirts. 

Pacific Woven Series Button-Down Shirts for Stylish Fishing

Whether your dad has a deep-sea fishing expedition planned and wants to wear something fancy on the boat or if he is going straight from the dock to a Father's Day dinner, the Pacific Woven series of button-down shirts for fishing is ideal. They are made from lightweight, breathable fabric that is comfortable to wear all day and will look and feel great in the evening after his last cast on the water. With a UPF 30+ rating, it will even help protect him against sunburns.

All of the apparel Reel Life™ offers is designed to keep the wearer cool, comfortable, and protected from the elements. From deep-sea fishing to flying fishing, Reel Life™ offers performance fishing shirts, shorts, outerwear, and accessories to keep the wearer adventuring in style and comfort no matter how they live the water lifestyle. If you need fishing Tshirts for men that will help your dad stay out on the water longer, polarized sunglasses to spot fish, or a stylish fishing hat, choose apparel made by fellow adventurers who were raised on the water.

Find stylish shirts for fishing and enjoying the great outdoors from Reel Life™ at