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Must-Haves and Hacks for a Multi-Day Fishing Adventure

Anyone who says that there’s nothing better than a day of fishing is wrong. There is something better than a day of fishing—multiple days of fishing in a row! Fishing adventures involving hiking, camping, backpacking, raft or boat trips, horse- and mule-pack, fly-in, or otherwise packing in for days of (usually) backcountry fishing are a paradise for many anglers.

But, whether you’re a die-hard adventuring angler or getting ready for your first trip, it can be easy to forget to pack every useful essential. A quality fishing shirt for men, for example, to protect you from the elements and keep you comfortable, can make the all the difference when you’re out on the open water. Consider the following fishing adventure must-haves and hacks to help ensure a great time.

Filtered Water Bottle

Stocking up on water is an obvious must for any communion with the great wide open, but having a high-quality in-filter water bottle can still prove a massive boon for the trip. There’s nothing like being able to fill your water bottle from the trout stream rippling around your waders without missing a cast on a refill, and without taking any health risks.

Lucky Fishing Hat + Polarized Sunglasses

For some, a quality fishing hat does more than just provide reprieve from the sun glaring in your eyes. Stay cool, fashionable, and lucky in your tried-and-true hat that has seen you pull in the big catches. Pair your breathable cap with a pair of high-quality polarized sunglasses and you’ll protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and be better able to focus on that tug at the end of your line.

Quality Knife and Hatchet

This one may seem like an obvious inclusion, but it’s surprising how often they’re overlooked. A solid hatchet is perfect for chopping kindling, and, with a steady enough hand, driving tent pegs and a whole lot more. A sharp, sturdy pocket or sheath knife is handy for more tasks than it’s possible to list here, both when fishing and in camp. Regarding the characteristics of that knife—folding or fixed, length, serration, and the like—that’s down to your preference. Do some research and make sure it’s a brand with a reputation for making high-quality knives.

Performance Fishing Shirts

Not every fishing shirt for men or women is made the same. Choose a shirt specifically designed for fishing. Long-sleeved shirts are ideal, and they should be high-quality cotton or polyester for breathability, and a lightweight feel. High-performance shirts should come with a complete list of features. Moisture-wicking is key for any serious fishing shirt, to keep you comfortable and manage sweating on hot days. It should also provide UPF +50 coverage, and the best will be antimicrobial and stain resistant. Once you experience a high-quality fishing shirt, you’ll never go back.

Cooler + Steel Ice Cubes

These are more for fun, but cold poured drinks are something of a rarity when enjoying the great outdoors. There’s usually ice in the cooler but even when cubed it’s likely been used for chilling (and been in contact with) meat and other foods, condiments, drinks, sometimes cleaned fish, and the like. Nothing you then want to plink into a fireside cocktail. Enter steel ice cubes. Keep them in a baggy in your cooler to avoid contamination and they’ll keep your drink cool without melting.

Plenty of Light Sources

First of all, consider packing a headlamp. Not that the use of headlamps is particularly rare or unknown by the outdoorsy, but they’re easy to forget. They also provide excellent, hands-free, and exceedingly convenient illumination of whatever’s in front of you. In addition to a dependable selection of flashlights, bring some lanterns along for great, overall light. Consider solar-powered LED lanterns, they’re light, efficient, and provide great illumination.

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