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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Fishing Outfit?

It’s easy to forget to update your fishing outfit. The thing is, the clothes an angler wears represents one of the most important features of their gear choices. Wearing the wrong threads while you’re fishing can detract considerably your comfort and enjoyment on the water but wearing the right gear can prove to be a revelation. There are countless anglers out there who, after trying out professional-grade performance fishing shirts, realize they can never go back.

Common Fishing Gear Mistakes

Probably the most common mistake is dressing for fishing the same way you’d dress for any other day. To clarify, if the fishing you’re doing is very low-key­–float-fishing off a dock or pier–then jeans and a Tshirt are probably going to be fine. Just make sure you’re wearing a lightweight, comfortable fishing Tshirt.

For more intensive fishing, however, like casting from a beach, fly fishing, any boat fishing, hiking along the edge of a lake or stream, more fishing-specific clothing is called for. The issue is that everyday fabrics like cotton, denim, or wool tend to soak up moisture and dry slowly. That can be very bad for clothing and make for an uncomfortable day on the water.

What to Look for in Fishing Clothes

While natural fabrics like cotton, denim, and wool aren’t great for performance fishing shirts or shorts, the synthetics tend to be better. The best professional-grade shirts for fishing are made with high-performance polyester. Long sleeve performance fishing shirts are basically the perfect item of clothing for a day on the water. Quality polyester will wick moisture away from the skin and dries quickly, which helps to keep you comfortable in wet conditions as well as hot, sweaty conditions. The best fishing shirts should be antimicrobial, which reduces odor, and resistant to stains. Stain-resistance is a big plus when fishing. You know you’ve found a perfect shirt if, on top of all that, it provides protection from the sun while being lightweight and breathable enough to keep you nice and cool.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

No outfit, fishing or otherwise, is complete without accessories. In this case, those accessories are a hat and polarized sunglasses. Picking up a good fishing hat can be its own reward if you find one with a cool fishing-related design. They also provide a practical benefit on the water. A mesh-back cap provides shade, protects your scalp from the sun, and the mesh provides extra breathability to keep you cool. The bill keeps the sun out of your eyes and helps keep the rain off your face.

Further shading your eyes is a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized shades block more kinds of solar rays than traditional sunglasses, and they improve your in-water vision, which can be extremely helpful. Finally, they virtually always look stylish, and if you can both feel and look great on the water, all the better.

About Reel Life™

If you were #RaisedOnTheWater, you are ready for Reel Life™. Being raised on the water isn’t about where you grew up for the folks behind Reel Life™ gear. It’s about a way of life for anyone who loves fishing, whitewater rafting, diving, kayaking, snorkeling, or just kicking back on the beach with a cold drink and good friends. Whatever your preferred water adventure, Reel Life™ gear will keep you comfortable, protected from the elements, and looking good while you’re doing it. From their Floridian home base, Reel Life™ designs gear for your water adventure, whether that’s moisture-wicking fishing Tshirts for men, stylish hats, or UV-blocking polarized sunglasses.

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