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How to Make Sure That You Stay Safe and Have Fun When Surf Fishing

4 Tips for a Safe and Successful Day of Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a fishing experience like no other—in fact, it can be several unique fishing experiences, depending on how it’s done. It can be an active exercise in exciting and physically-demanding angling. It can also be a wholly relaxing, entirely undemanding afternoon of kicking back and enjoying some downtime. Ensuring that you have a great time, whatever your particular surf fishing style is, involves a little bit of planning, preparation, and a high-performance fishing long sleeve shirt.

Keep Family and Friends Informed

Surf fishing is generally no more risky than any other kind of fishing. If the ocean is anything, though, it’s unpredictable. Weather can blow in or otherwise take a sudden turn, the tide can sneak up on you, and the like. Sometimes that favorite strip of shoreline can be off the beaten track as well, which can involve navigating some tricky terrain, both on foot and in a vehicle. All of that, and everything else that can’t be planned for or predicted, makes it important that you always tell someone where you’re going to be fishing, when you’re leaving, and when you plan to be back.

Check the Local Regulations

Saltwater fishing regulations can be a lot more complicated than freshwater regs. Species you can fish for, the tackle you can use, size and weight limits, and bag limits can be complicated and detailed, particularly for the unfamiliar. The regs can also change significantly from place to place, even within a relatively small stretch of coastline. So always be sure you are familiar with the regs specific to the spot you’re fishing. 

Wear the Right Apparel for the Weather

What you wear is going to depend on the kind of surf fishing you’re doing. It can also vary according to region, the predicted weather, the time of year, and the ocean you’re fishing. No matter the region or the weather, it’s worth picking up performance polyester fishing shirts. The best polyester fishing apparel should provide good coverage, UV protection, and be lightweight and breathable enough to keep you cool in hotter weather. Look for fishing shirts that are designed for superior moisture-wicking, keeping you drier, longer. When wearing chest waders for in-water surf fishing, always include an elastic wading belt to keep water out if there’s a surprise wave or you stumble.

Don’t Forget Sun Protection

When planning your apparel for protection from the water, don’t neglect to include protection from the sun as well. Bring along sunscreen and apply liberally before going out. Remember to reapply sunscreen every couple hours or if water washes it away. Wear a hat to keep the sun off the top of your head and provide some shade. It’s worth picking up a pair of polarized sunglasses, too. Polarized shades provide better sun-blocking than traditional lenses, and also give the wearer better in-water vision.

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