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Heading to the Water? Dress the Part for Style, Safety, and Comfort

We are all connected to the water. It sustains our lives, powers the ecosystems that feed us, and is the focus of so many industries and livelihoods. Some people are more passionate about the water than others, spending their lives as close to water as possible. That can mean fishing, kayaking, scuba diving or snorkeling, braving class five whitewater, trimming up the sails, or simply being close to water at every opportunity. If you’re one of those people, you already know not to risk ruining a beautiful day on the water with unfortunate clothing choices. Sometimes, the difference between a terrific day on the boat and suffering through a savage sunburn is a fishing long sleeve shirt.

Dressing for Style: Fishing Hats

While style may seem like a less important consideration than safety or comfort for a successful day on the water, let’s face it—how we look matters. Almost no one likes the idea of looking, and therefore feeling, out of place, or simply not looking very good. On the other hand, looking the part can make a huge impact on how we enjoy our time doing the things we love.

The key to nailing style on the water is to combine good-looking, well-made clothing with practical function. A good example is a functional hat. A fishing hat shades the face from the sun, reducing burn risk and cutting glare. So, for function and fashion, find a stylish performance fishing hat that demonstrates your love for the water.

Dressing for Safety: Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses look cool: That’s pretty much a fact. The style feature of the equation is covered, and they’re functional for safety too. Picking up a pair of polarized sunglasses means looking great and protecting your eyes, giving you a clearer picture of what’s happening underwater. Wearing polarized sunglasses can help protect you from the sun’s rays, including the glare of the rays on the water, which can help prevent sunburned eyes.

Dressing for Comfort: Performance Fishing Shirts

Nothing says someone belongs by the water like fishing shirts. High-performance fishing shirts are sleek, stylish, can improve safety, and are incredibly comfortable. So, seek out a high-performance polyester women’s or men fishing shirts and find out for yourself what style, protection from the elements, and comfort can be on the water.

The best high-quality long sleeve fishing shirts will offer UPF 50+ protection, stain-resistance, and antimicrobial material for reduced odor. Be sure to find some that are lightweight and breathable while providing that protection, keeping you cool and covered. High-performance polyester is also an excellent moisture-wicking material that dries extremely quickly, keeping you cool and dry. The best high-performance fishing shirts put comfort first in every design element, even going as far as to avoid tags to prevent itchy necks.

About Reel Life™

If you were #RaisedOnTheWater, you are ready for the Reel Life™. For the Reel Life™ team, anyone who treasures the world’s beaches, oceans, lakes, and rivers was raised on the water. The Reel Life™ spirit is seeking out adventures near and on the water. Whether those adventures are boating, fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, or just kicking back on a beach with good friends and cold drinks, Reel Life™ is there for you. Reel Life™ carries the clothes and the accessories to ensure that you’re cool, comfortable, and looking good on the water. Originally raised on the waters of Florida, the folks at Reel Life™ know how to create gear that optimizes comfort and protection, whether it’s a stylish, high-performance fishing shirt for men and women, shorts, or polarized sunglasses.

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