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Choosing Great Gear for Kayaking in Comfort

Gear for any sport is weather dependent, and when you’re out on the water, packing and dressing for the weather is even more important. When you’re kayaking in warm weather, on warm water, you may not need intense gear like a dry suit, but it’s still critical to think about your comfort and safety. For instance, long sleeve fishing shirts with UPF protection are always a good idea when you’re in the sun.

Always Be Safe

First off, some general safety tips. It’s always preferable to go out with a buddy. If you run into any trouble, having someone with you can prove a lifesaver, as an extra pair of hands can get you out of a bind, or get help if you need it. Always make sure to tell someone else where you’re going and how long you plan to be away. If the conditions don’t feel comfortable, if it’s too cold or choppy or it looks like a storm might blow in, or anything else that doesn’t feel right, just wait for a better time. The water will always be there. Finally, always wear a life preserver.

Wear Synthetics

As for the clothing itself, your best bet is wearing synthetic materials. Cotton Tshirts are great for catching a drink with kayaking buddies when you’re off the water, but fabrics like cotton, wool, and denim are not always ideal on the water. One of the most reliable bets is picking up a high-performance polyester fishing shirt for men or women. They dry quickly, wick moisture away, and the best provide protection from the sun while remaining breathable. Basically, a high-grade, high-performance polyester fishing shirt is perfect for kayaking. For your bottom half, consider pants or shorts that are polyester or something like a polyester and spandex blend.

Don’t Wear Anything Baggy

The best polyester fishing shirts should be relatively form-fitting. That’s hugely helpful for kayaking as baggy clothing is the antithesis of comfort and safety on the water. If you’re wearing bulky clothing, there’s going to be more of it. That means more clothing to sponge up water, which makes for a soaked, uncomfortable time.

Wear Kayaking Accessories

Whenever you are engaged in sports like kayaking, accessorize accordingly. That means wearing a hat and polarized sunglasses. A hat protects your scalp from direct sunlight and provides shade, cooling you off on warmer days. On colder and rainy days, a hat will provide a bit of extra warmth and keep the rain off of your face. Polarized sunglasses are terrific for reducing the effects of sunlight and glare off of the water. The better you’re able to see, the safer your kayaking is going to be.

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