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Aquatic Adventures: Tips to Keep You and Your Dog Safe and Comfortable On the Water

4 Tips for Keeping You and Your Dog Safe and Comfortable During Adventures on the Water

For those of us who live for the time we spend on the water, it doesn’t get much better than a day out fishing, boating, swimming, or just taking it easy on the beach. If there is anything that can make that time even better, it would be sharing those adventures with a friend. And what more loyal companion is there than humankind’s best friend—dogs? But be sure to do some preparation for you and your pooch before heading out. Let people know where you’re going, get a fishing shirt for men and a portable water bowl for dogs, and above all, be sure to have fun.

Sharing the Essential Info

Before you leave, make sure that you and your best buddy are sharing all the pertinent information. For your pup, that means wearing a collar with your up-to-date contact info on it, in case they unexpectedly dashes off into the woods after a rabbit and gets lost. For your pup’s person, that means telling someone where you plan to go, for how long, and when you’ll be back.

Dressing for the Occasion

An essential part of keeping cool and comfortable during your excursion is having the right gear. The most effective apparel options are high-performance long sleeve fishing shirts and pants that provide UPF 50+ UV protection. High-performance fishing appeal should be designed to be lightweight enough to keep you comfortable in the heat while protecting your skin from direct sun exposure. It should also be moisture-wicking and quick-drying, which can make for a far more comfortable experience. Bring a towel for your pooch pal just in case they get wet.

Keeping Cool

In addition to wearing performance fishing shirts and pants, include the accessories that will optimize your coolness. Accessories that contribute to how cool you are include a high-quality hat for shade and a pair of polarized sunglasses. If you’re going to be on a boat, the beach, or anywhere else without reliable shade, consider bringing along a beach umbrella or another shade source for your pup.

Staying Fed and Hydrated

Staying fed and hydrated can help your body regulate its temperature, and it’s generally safer and more comfortable than the alternative. That is true for both people and dogs. It’s not a great idea to assume there will be enough safe water for your dog to drink at the location. Pack at least enough food and water for you and your best friend, along with easy-to-transport food and water bowls. Pay attention to your best buddy’s behavior to make sure he or she is not struggling or distressed, and have a great time on the water. 

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