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A Hot Time on the Water: Warm Weather Gear for Winter Travelers

Winter is a whole different animal in the warmer southern climes of our great nation. For some, the call of the places where the winter months mean sun and surf rather than snow, ice, and puffy jackets is simply too strong to ignore. If you are one of them, whether you’re a seasoned snowbird or a tourist looking forward to a couple weeks of sunshine, tropical drinks, and hunting sailfish off the Florida coast, you need the right gear to remain comfortable and stay safe. That is often as simple as a good, high-performance fishing shirt for men or women.

Staying Covered Means Staying Cool

There is a common misconception that the less clothing you have on, the cooler you’ll be. It’s an understandable confusion as it seems like a basic logic. Since being warmer requires putting on more clothing, wearing less clothing should result in coolness. The fact is, direct exposure of skin to sunlight both increases body temperature and can be bad for your skin, particularly if you get a nasty sunburn. The key is full coverage with light, breathable material. Quality fishing apparel is the best clothing solution for remaining cool, comfortable, and covered on or near the water, whether you’re fishing or not.

The Right Material with the Right Features

When it comes to breathable fabric to keep you cool, the name of the game is high-performance fishing shirts and pants made of lightweight polyester. Fishing apparel works so well because light, high-performance polyester is the perfect material for warm and hot weather fishing or water adventuring in general.

High-quality examples feature UPF 50+ protection while being light enough for flow-through from the breeze. They are antimicrobial and stain-resistant, meaning they’re tougher against the elements and help prevent odor. Fishing can be pretty messy, after all. Finally, high-performance polyester both excels at wicking moisture away from the body and is extremely quick-drying. The best fishing shirts are even fabricated without tags to prevent that annoying tag scratching or tickling of the neck.

Hats Can Make All the Difference

As is the case with the common “less clothing equals cooler” misnomer, there is a persistent myth that hats make you hotter. In fact, the right hat helps you stay cool and protected. Investing in a quality fishing hat, for example, keeps sun off the top of your head, which contributes to cooling and prevents scalp sunburns, which are incredibly miserable. A hat can also provide facial shade, reducing glare and keeping you cooler. For an even cooler option, go for a mesh-backed hat for improved air flow.

About Reel Life™

If you were #RaisedOnTheWater, you are ready for the Reel Life™. For the Reel Life™ team, anyone who treasures the world’s beaches, oceans, lakes, and rivers was raised on the water. The Reel Life™ spirit is seeking out adventures near and on the water. Whether those adventures are boating, fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, or just kicking back on a beach with good friends and cold drinks, Reel Life™ is there for you. Reel Life™ carries the clothes and the accessories to ensure that you’re cool, comfortable, and looking good on the water. Originally raised on the waters of Florida, the folks at Reel Life™ know how to create gear that optimizes comfort and protection, whether it’s a stylish, high-performance women’s and men fishing shirts, shorts, or polarized sunglasses.

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