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4 Tips for Enjoying a Day of Boat Fishing


How to Ensure That a Day Fishing on a Boat Is as Fun as It Should Be 

There’s no kind of fishing that isn’t fun, but fishing from a boat adds an entirely new element to the sport. It allows anglers to cover more water, provides access to additional hotspots, and increases the versatility of possible fishing methods. The additional benefits of fishing from a boat, however, do require additional preparation. Whether you’ve recently invested in a fishing boat or are going out on someone else’s boat, make a plan, invest in high-quality long sleeve fishing shirts, and take a few other preparatory steps to ensure a great time on the water.

Inform Family and Friends About Your Plans

Boating is, in general, a safe hobby, especially if your boat is well-maintained and you plan well. Any undertaking involving a motor-driven vehicle and bodies of water, however, can prove unpredictable. Even the most responsible and experienced boaters can experience mechanical issues or get caught off-guard by the weather. Whenever you go out on a boat, let someone know where you’re going, what your basic plan is, and when you expect to be back.

Create a Plan and Stick to It

Letting someone know where you’re going to be and for how long requires having planned that out beforehand. Every boat-fishing excursion should be based on a plan that attempts to cover both the knowns and unknowns. Plan out what body of water you’re visiting, and which areas of it you plan to fish. The plan should include checking detailed weather reports, bringing the appropriate fishing gear, and packing emergency gear should the weather take an un-forecasted turn. Consider how much food and water will be necessary for anyone in the boat, and then bring a little more.

Dress for the Boat and the Weather

The apparel you need for the trip will be determined largely by the region, time of year, and expected weather conditions. There are some general apparel considerations that can be applied more broadly, however. One inclusion that makes sense virtually whatever the weather conditions, is women’s or men fishing shirts. The right performance fishing shirts should have long sleeves and be fabricated from professional-grade polyester, in order to provide full coverage and remain exceptionally breathable in the heat. The best should also be moisture-wicking to keep you dry when you sweat, which is important in both hot and cold conditions. Last, wear closed-toed shoes and always bring waterproof outerwear.

Consider Seasickness

Seasickness—motion sickness from the movement of a watercraft—is not just restricted to the sea. Particularly if the wind picks up, or there are a lot of other craft creating a wake, and conditions are choppy, seasickness can be a concern. Anyone who is unfamiliar with how they react to the movement of a boat on the water should prepare for the possibility of seasickness. There are some effective over-the-counter medications, and for those who have suffered from it in the past, sometimes doctors can prescribe something as well. 

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